American IPA Starter Kit (One Gallon)
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American IPA Starter Kit (One Gallon)

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American IPA Starter Kit (One Gallon)
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With this Homebrew Starter Kit and any standard 2 gallon pot you can make 1 gallon (about ten 12 oz bottles) of craft beer right in your kitchen--in just a few hours! Brewmaster's selection of Beer Ingredient Refill kits span a wide range of classic and modern beer styles, so you’re not limited to bland or very-esoteric recipe choices. Leveraging their decades of experience in brewing and crafting world-class beers, the thoughtfully crafted kits include everything you need for your brew, from grain bag to bottle caps. And unlike other manufacturers, there are no costly add-on packages needed to complete the brewing process. If you’ve ever thought about brewing your own beer at home, there’s no reason to hesitate any further. This is the starter kit you’ve been waiting for. The equipment includes:

  • Wide Mouth, Easy-To-Clean 1 Gallon Fermenter Jar
  • Fermenter Jar Lid w/ 3-Piece Airlock
  • Mini Auto-Siphon makes transfers a breeze
  • Food-Grade Transfer Tubing
  • Premium Bottle Filling Wand
  • Bottle Capper
  • Sanitizer Concentrate
  • American IPA Recipe Kit

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