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Ball Lock Beverage Out - Barb - Pronged

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This connector is black (liquid) in with a a 1/4" hose barb. This connector connects directly to your standard 3/16" or 1/4" tubing which would be held on using a hose clamp.
Product ID: KG-1016
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This black, beverage out quick disconnect comes with a barb for attaching to a beverage line, and its high quality construction creates a sturdy seal that won’t leak gas or beer when in use.
The barb measures 1/4 inch, so 3/16 inch beverage tubing is recommend for the perfect fit. 
Note: Sometimes ball lock fittings can be difficult to get fully seated on a Cornelius keg. We recommend using a quick spray of sanitizer solution to act as a lubricant and giving it a few twists while applying the ball lock.

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