Beer Tower ARCADIA 6 W-AC191-6W
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Beer Tower ARCADIA 6 W

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Stainless steel, pass through beer tower, UBC COOL-TAP technology inside
Product ID: AC191-6W
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  • Shanks bolted into large aluminum cold blocks
  • Insulated inside
  • Cold shanks are separated from the tower by thermo-seals, no dripping from the tower
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Sold assembled with domestic shanks and faucets
  • 3/16 beer line
  • 3/8 recirculation line
  • Tap handles not included
Part Number AC191-6W
Faucets Pcs 6
Material Brass/SSStainless steel
Cooling methodGlycol/AirGlycol
Recirculation lineOD, inch3/8 copper
Beer lineID, inch3/16 stainless steel
Shanks and faucetsYes/NoYes
HeightInch18 1/2''
Width Inch38 3/16''
Distance Between Faucets Inch4 5/16"
Height to Faucet Inch14 5/8"
Tower diameter Inch3 3/16"
Mounting hardwareYes/NoYes

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