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Chocolate Milk Stout

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If you already have one of our beer brewing kits, grab a recipe refill! Each recipe kit comes with all the ingredients needed to brew your next batch of beer - including dry malt extract, hops, grains, yeast and a grain steeping bag.

Moo-ve over light beers, this rich chocolate milk stout uses raw cacao nibs and lactose sugar to achieve a smooth, semi-sweet, roasty chocolate flavor.

About Videri Cocoa Nibs: "These wonderful and aromatic nibs come from the Dominican Republic. We receive the beans and hand sort each bag to ensure only the best beans are roasted. When roasting this variety of cocoa, we look to highlight the ripe cherry and deep cocoa aromas. The result is a nib that is as versatile as it is dynamic. Perfect for a straight forward stout or fruit forward beer." -Videri Chocolate Factory

ABV: 5.5

SRM: 34

IBU: 31

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