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Tower of Power LTE Stand (Pump Included)

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Blichmann's Tower of Power LTE Stand is a lightweight, compact version of the full-size Tower of Power stand for use with Blichmann's Tower of Power Control Module (not included). It's an all-grain brewers best friend and dream come true, especially so for those with limited storage space at home. 

This model also comes with it's own March 815 pump. It's easy to use and easy to store and stands at 13.75" in height when collapsed, and can be easily stored inside of your BoilerMaker Pot. Expanded, it stands at 25.25" high. Use the included customized 3-way valve to easily direct your wort from the mash tun to your boil kettle when it's time to begin sparging. 

  • March 815 Pump included
  • Small footprint, stands at 13.75" in height when collapsed, expands to 25.25" high
  • When collapsed, easily store inside of your BoilerMaker Pot!
  • Wort sampling valve to easily check your gravity/pH
  • Flow meter for setting your own mash recirculation and lauter rates
  • Includes GFCI outlet for additional safety
  • Includes a mounting plate for Control Module (An optional Dual Control Module mounting plate is also available)
  • Black powder paint coating
  • Also comes with an optional mounting kit for TopTier owners letting you install to your stand

Blichmann Control Module, Therminator, and Therminator mounting hardware are all sold separately. 

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