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Ultimate Draft Growler - Complete with CO2

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Stainless Steel Growler (Twist-Top)
Product ID: KG009
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Everything you need to have some fresh beer on the go. This ultimate growler is made from double wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel which makes it impervious to oxygen and sunlight. The included pressure lid allows you to pressurize the growler up to 30 psi with the provided mini CO2 regulator. The regulator uses 16 g threaded CO2 cartridges.


2 L stainless steel growler
Pressure lid with plastic tap
Mini CO2 regulator
6 CO2 cartridges 

C02 Warning: Warning, this product is a gas that is under pressure. Please make sure that when in use the bottle remains in an upright position. Please use extreme caution when using.

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