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BrewVision® by Blichmann Engineering
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Introducing the BrewVision from Blichmann Engineering! Your brewing assistant can now fit into the palm of your hand, and will take the headache out of your brewing. Stop spending so much time trying to remember all of the little details during your brewday, and let the BrewVision do it for you! 

This interactive brewing assistant connects directly to your smartphone* so that everything you need to know about your brewday is available at the touch of a button. With interactive updates on mash and boil temperatures, hop additions, and live readings, this little beauty is going to allow you to get back to enjoying your brewdays stress-free! 

  • Live interactive updates
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • BeerSmith recipe integration
  • Pairs up to 7 sensors that you can customize
  • Reads Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Range: 100 ft unobstructed, 30 ft indoors
  • Made in USA
  • Recordable results

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