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Motorized MaltMuncher Pro

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Motorized MaltMuncher Pro
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The stainless stand with bamboo base board allows for a collection bucket to be slid directly underneath. The precise fit between the bucket and stand is designed to contain grain dust.  The bucket features a handle for easily pouring malt into your mash tun and will hold up to 25lbs of milled grain.  

The MaltMuncher Pro utilizes cold rolled steel rollers for longevity.  The gap can be adjusted on both ends for an even crack. The drive is a heavy duty motor with gear reduction that has plenty of torque for start up.


Fully motorized with heavy duty gear reduction motor
MaltMuncher two roller mill with 6lb grain chute
Mill 6lbs per minute
Easy 5 minute assembly
Tough bamboo baseboard
Stainless frame
Included grain bucket with handle for easy pouring
Cold rolled steel rollers sized at 5" long by 1.25" diameter
Adjustable rollers at both ends to move the gap from .025" - 0.1"
12 TPI knurl to effectively pull grain through the rollers while still leaving the hulls intact to later form an excellent filter during the sparge

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