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Stainless Draft Coil

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This 50' x 3/8" coil, metal shop, is perfect for the enterprising homebrewer who wants to build or upgrade a jockey box. When compared with 5/16" coils that are usually used to make draft boxes, the 3/8" coil holds more beer and offers more surface area for faster cooling. And, because there is less resistance from the larger diameter tubing, the beer can be pushed through the lines with less CO2 pressure. Lower applied CO2 pressure means your beer will not over carbonate and foam wildly if a keg is left on tap for longer than an afternoon. Over-carbonation is often an issue for homebrewers or beer drinkers who are using a draft box for an overnight party or weekend.
8 1/2" wide x 10" tall.
304 grade stainless steel

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