We get asked what the difference between Crystal 20L and 40L quite often. The answer is very simple. 

Caramel Malts are produced in drum roasters that roast your malts and barley. The higher the temperature, the more of a caramel and toasty flavor you'll find. When roasted for longer, the color of the malts and barely begin to darken as well (which turns your beer darker too). Which is exactly what the numbers mean! 

A 20L gives off mild caramel and is the lightest on the spectrum, whereas the 60L gives off a pronounced caramel and is much darker. From the pictures below you'll find (starting from top to bottom): 20L, 60L, and 120L.

We carry all the Crystal malts from 20L - 120L. So if you're looking to experiment with some caramel, we gotch'a covered!