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Tower of Power Stand (with Pump)

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Take your brewing to a whole other level with Blichmann's Tower of Power Stand, a freestanding plumbing tower with loads of features to help you make the best beer possible. This model comes with it's own March 815 HS pump and loads of other features such as a low flow alarm, wort sampling valve, flow meter to set your own mash recirculation and lauter rates, GFCI outlet for accessories and more. A perfect addition for any serious all-grain brewer out there looking to up their brewing game. 

  • March 815 HS Pump included
  • Adjustable low-flow alarm will sound off if you get a stuck mash or if there is a problem with your flow
  • Wort sampling valve to easily check your gravity/pH levels when it's time to sparge
  • Flow meter for setting your own mash recirculation and lauter rates. Also acts as a sight glass so you can keep an eye on your color and clarity
  • Includes GFCI outlet for additional safety
  • Includes a mounting plate for Control Module (An optional Dual Control Module mounting plate is also available)
  • Black powder paint coating
  • Dimensions: 15" width, 16" diameter, and 43" height
  • Also comes with an optional mounting kit for TopTier owners letting you install to your stand

Blichmann Control Module, Therminator, and Therminator mounting hardware are all sold separately. 

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