Hoppy Tuesday Showcase

Hoppy Tuesday everyone!

Starting today we will be showcasing a different hop variety every Tuesday. There are so many great varieties that get buried under mammoths (like Citra, Galaxy, and Cascade) and it's about time these lesser known varieties get their chance to shine. So without further ado; this weeks star:

Idaho 7 is an experimental hop variety that was born out of Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder, Idaho (who would have thought). It's considered a dual-purpose hop due to its high alpha acid content (9%-14%) while also having a high oil content which makes it a solid finishing hop. Now let's take a look at all the cool science stuff:

Alpha Acids: 9%-12%
Beta Acids: 4%-5%
Total Oil: 1.0 -1.6

Aroma & Flavor Profile: Pungent tropical fruit and citrus (orange, apricot, red grapefruit, papaya). Big notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea.

So what do you say?! Gonna give it a go, experiment maybe? You might be pleasantly surprised. And guess who has this hidden gem in stock: that's right, we do. Swing by the shop to pick some up or order online before your next batch.