Hoppy Tuesday Showcase
Hoppy Tuesday pals!

We did it. We actually put out a Hoppy Tuesday on a Tuesday. I told you I’d make it happen. I’m a man of my word, ya know. 
This week we’re gonna talk about a hop that is way more popular than I first thought: Nelson Sauvin. I thought this was a relatively new strain that people needed to know about but this hop is actually pretty popular. Ok. Well that’s the intro. Time for facts.

Nelson Sauvin was developed in New Zealand and was released as a dual purpose hop in 2000. It was bred from New Zealand Smooth Cone and “a selected New Zealand male” (that’s what it says on the ychhops website). This variety is commonly used in IPAs because of its fruity aroma and its low cohumulone levels (that’s the compound in hops that adds a harsh bite to the bitterness… Allegedly). It is also said to add character to saisons and wheat ales. And that’s that. Here are the numbers for ya:

Alpha Acids: 12%-13%
Beta Acids: 6%-8%
Total Oil: 1.1 
Aroma & Flavor Profile: Sauvignon blanc, fresh crushed gooseberries, key lime, pine needles, earthy dill, and tropical fruit.

At this point I usually tell you that you should give this hop a try but chances are you already have. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? It sounds like an awesome hop to try in all of your American IPAs. Or throw it in a wheat beer! A light, crisp, American wheat that has tropical fruit flavor and aroma would be perfect for this unholy Miami heat. 
Alrighty folks, that’s it for me. Let us know what you think of this hop or share one of your awesome recipes that utilize this hop. If you need a couple of ounces be sure to come by the store or order online to get what you need.
I’ll see you all next week with another exciting hop variety.