Hoppy Tuesday Showcase

Hoppy Tuesday folks!

It's time for another wonderful hop profile on Tuesday, just like I said I'd do. This week we'll be looking at one of JP's (the owner of this lovely organization) favorite strains: Ahtanum.

Ahtanum is a low alpha acid aroma hop that was developed by Yakima Chief Ranches. It's typically used in American pale ales and IPA's for its floral and citrus notes: some consider this variety to be a solid substitute for Cascade or Amarillo. Alrighty, lets crunch some numbers.

Alpha Acids: 3.5%-6.5%
Beta Acids: 4%-6%
Total Oil: 0.5-1.7
Aroma & Flavor Profile: Earthy, floral, citrus with notes of grapefruit and geranium.

I know I say this about every hop, but Ahtanum has me pretty jazzed up (that means excited, for all you youngins). The low alpha acids typically means less bitterness, which makes this hop an awesome variety for adding just aroma and flavor. Or you can use it as your only hop in a pale ale to make a crushable beach beer.

And with that, I'm done for this week! As usual, be sure to let us know what you think of this hop! If you're in need of some Ahtanum swing by the shop or order online and get it shipped right to your door. Maybe this time someone will share their award winning recipe with us (you're secret is safe with us) but if not, don't feel bad! We have a recipe this time! Check in the comments for our recipe that'll really make this hop shine.

Until next week! Cheers