Week # 8 Galaxy

It's my favorite time of the week, Hoppy Tuesday!

Today we decided to take a look at one of the most versatile hops coming out of Australia 🇦🇺; Galaxy. Known for its distinct clean citrus aroma, this hop has known to give flavors (and scents) of passion fruit, peach and even keylime. It's versatile profile allows it to be used in any variety of beer. Take a look at some of its brewing values:

Alpha Acid: 11.6 - 16% (above average)
Beta Acid: 5 - 6.9 % (slightly below average)
Total Oils: 3 - 5 mL (extremely high)

Because this hop is still very young (first cropped in 2009) it's full potential is still yet to be unlocked. If you're looking to brew a new beer with a new hop, Galaxy has got you covered. Until next week all of my hoppy brewers! Cheers 🍻