Week # 9 Sorachi Ace

Hoppy Tuesday Ladies and Gentlemen!

This week we have a variety that I am very excited for: Sorachi Ace! This herbal/citrusy hop is one that some brewers struggle to work with, due to its dill character, but hopefully after today this hope will become your ... ACE in the hole. Moving on from my terrible puns, let's take a look at the numbers.

Sorachi Ace

Sorachi Ace is a dual purpose hop that was developed for Sapporo Breweries Ltd. in 1984 by crossing Brewers Gold, Saaz, and Beikei No. 2. Although it availability is typically limited this hop has still managed to become popular amongst craft brewers, finding a place in Belgian style ales and IPAs. Now, let's check out the facts for this variety!

Alpha Acids: 11.5-14.5%
Beta Acids: 6-7.5%
Total Oils: 1.5-3ml/100g
Aroma & Flavor Profile: Lemon, lime, and dill

There ya go! To some, citrus and dill do not go together let alone in a beer but to the adventurous brewer this hop can make magic happen. Heck, you don't even have to take my word for it! Local brewery, Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company, will be unveiling their latest creation tomorrow, an oaked Belgian pale ale that utilizes Sorachi Ace.

That's enough from this hop ace 😜. If you're feeling inspired by this weeks post, or if you get inspired by the Beards newest concoction, you can score some S. Ace at our shop or you can order from us online.

Until next week folks