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Wort Heat Exchanger - Copper Counterflow Chiller

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You may have a hard time finding a more affordable counter flow wort chiller. For the homebrewer on a budget, these heat exchangers are one the fastest ways to chill wort. Similar in efficiency to the Chillout plate chiller, but much easier to clean. Plate chillers have the disadvantage of getting gunked up in their small crevasses due to trapped hop material. This unit, on the other hand, can be easily and effectively flushed after use.

Copper is a great conductor of heat, making it more efficient than a stainless chiller of similar design. These units are 9" in diameter and about 7" high. The input and output are approximately 3/8" outer diameter (9.5 mm). They can be used with gravity, but we recommend using a pump.

Check out the video below to learn how to set up the chiller with Duotight fittings (DUO115 & DUO116) that will allow you to attach Camlock, QD, or garden hose fittings to the inputs and outputs, and enable you to control the flow rate at the water inlet.

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