Blog - Urban Brewers, LLC, 2017/11

Week # 17 Pacific Jade

Hoppy Hoppy Tuesday! 

Today’s showcase hop is the Pacific Jade. Developed in New Zealand, Pacific Jade is a mix between the male Saaz and New Zealand First Choice.

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The Difference in Caramels

We get asked what the difference between Crystal 20L and 40L quite often. The answer is very simple. 
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Week # 16 Glacier

Hoppy Tuesday!

The hop of the week is Glacier. Something most of our Miami family have never seen before.

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Keg Coupler Help

So I need to tap my keg, but what coupler do I need? Each brewery falls into one of six different keg valves. We decided to display the six varieties. Simply match your keg valve to the picture and take a look at the couplers we provide for each. 

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