Blog - Urban Brewers, LLC, 2017/7

Week # 5 Ahtanum

Ahtanum is a low alpha acid aroma hop that was developed by Yakima Chief Ranches. It's typically used in American pale ales and IPA's for its floral and citrus...
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Week # 4 Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin was developed in New Zealand and was released as a dual purpose hop in 2000. It was bred from New Zealand Smooth Cone and “a selected New Zealand male...
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Week # 3 Hallertau Blanc

When people think of classic, German, Hallertau they’re actually thinking of Hallertau Mittlefruh, a low alpha-acid, intense noble hop with a floral, citrus, and...
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Week # 2 Galena

Galena was developed by the USDA breeding program in Idaho in 1968. By crossing Brewers Gold with an unknown male variety, Galena burst into the brewing scene...
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