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How Do I Cool Down My Fermenter?

It can be hard to brew in the Florida heat. A question that keeps popping up is, how do we keep our fermentation temperatures low enough to ferment? There are a couple of ways to do that. Every batch is different but here are a few ideas:
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Week # 12 Liberty

Hoppy Tuesday! Today's hop of choice is the Liberty 🇺🇸. Liberty is an aromic hop the delivers noble, floral, spicy, delicate, and lemon aromas to your beer. It's an extension of the Hallertau family very similar to Ultra, Mt. Hood, and Crystal hop pellets. This hop is great in Pilsner, Bock, Wheat, Lager, and Kölsch beers.

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Week # 11 Hallertau Mittlefruh

Looking for a good German hop? Hallertau Mittlefruh. Known has a classic aromic German hop, Hallertau Mittlefruh is cultivated in Hallertau, Germany. The aroma is a mild spice with citrus and floral tones. This hop is typically found in Bavarian-style Lagers, but pairs well with any recipe.
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Week # 10 Simcoe

Hoppy Tuesday everybody!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday yesterday. Today's hop is an American hop. Developed by Select Botanicals Group and released in 2000, Simcoe is known for his brewing versatility and unique aroma characteristics. With a passion fruit, berry, pine, and citrus aroma profile, Simcoe would be great for IPA, Pale Ale, Wheat, Saison, and Amber beer styles. Take a look at its brewing values:

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