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  • Acquamark® #9 Natural Cork 45x24mm - 30 count

    Acquamark® #9 Natural Cork 45x24mm - 30 count

    Acquamark® is a whole, natural cork stopper designed to meet the needs of super-premium wines. Whole, natural corks are the most environmentally-friendly stoppers, and produce the top-quality seal needed to preserve fine wines through long aging. The Acquamark® cork goes beyond this normally high standard, applying a water-based coating of cork extract which binds to the stopper's surface, filling the lenticels and enhancing the sealing potential. BSG HandCraft recommends the Acquamark® for super-premium wines, wines that will be aged more than two years, or wherever the classic style of a whole, natural cork is desired. About Cork Dimensions... Most bottles tolerate a range of cork dimensions and still produce an acceptable seal. Wider corks create a tighter seal, but may be difficult to insert with small, handheld corkers. Micro-agglomerated corks compress less easily than whole, natural corks, and a smaller diameter agglomerated cork may have the same fit as a wider whole cork. Longer corks reduce the initial headspace in the bottle, and can also affect changes in ullage during long aging.


  • All Plastic Tasting Corks - Bag of 25

    All Plastic Tasting Corks - Bag of 25

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    Store and preserve your wine with confidence with these all plastic tasting corks from the Vintage Shop in Canada. These FOOD GRADE corks feature a solid bottom and a smooth flat lid, perfect for engraving. Their 'MUSHROOM' design allows them to fit into most wine bottles, and be easily inserted and removed by hand – no corker needed. This bag contains 25 corks, enough for 5 gallons of wine in 750ml bottles, and are dishwasher safe and reusable. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of these reliable tasting corks.

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  • Tasting Corks - 25 Count

    Tasting Corks - 25 Count

    Tasting Corks are a Natural Cork Type Tasting cork and are very easy to install and remove on any size wine bottles (375 ml, 750 ml, and 1.5 L). Using a traditional cork to cork wine bottles is the most labor intensive task of the wine making process. The Tasting Corks are an ideal alternative.



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