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  • Styrian Golding SI Pellets

    Styrian Golding (SI)Pellets

    (Slovenia) Strong, warm aroma. For finishing English style ales. Suggested for bittering Vienna and Belgian ales. Average Alpha 3.0%


  • Summit™ US Pellets

    Summit™ (US) Pellets

    The peak of high-alpha varieties, Summit has exceptional alpha acid levels and a high oil content. It has a strong grapefruit aroma with notes of orange and tangerine. Used primarily for bittering, it has been employed for dry-hopping with some success. Hop Type: Bittering Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 16.3% Similar Varieties: Simcoe, Columbus, Warrior, Millenium Common Styles: IPAs, Imperial IPAs


  • Super Alpha Dr. Hop Pellets

    Super Alpha Dr. Hop Pellets

    Super Alpha, despite its name, is a versatile, dual-purpose hop. Slight notes of fresh grass underlie a complex aroma of pine and lemongrass, making Super Alpha a desirable choice for late hop additions or dry hopping. When used for bittering, Super Alpha can deliver a very crisp, bitter edge to the back palate, and adds a slight resinous character. This interesting hop can be used in ales or lagers, and in both classic and new-world styles. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: New Zealand Alpha Acid: 13.2%


  • Target GB Pellets

    Target (GB) Pellets

    Bred from Norther Brewer and English Golding stock, Target is an excellent bittering hop with a classic English character. While typically used for its high alpha percentage, this hop has gained some popularity for its aroma as well. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United Kingdom Alpha Acid: 10.8% Similar Varieties: Fuggle, Willamette


  • Tettnang DE Pellets

    Tettnang (DE) Pellets

    The major landrace variety in the region of the same name in far southern Germany, Tettnang has common ancestry with Saaz but a unique profile due to its provenance. It is a classic European noble hop. Tettnang s complex and delicate flavors make it ideal for traditional German lagers, particularly Bavarian styles, Weissbiers, and German or Belgian ales. The flavor and aroma is a mix of floral, fruity, herbal and spicy - fresh herbs, grass, dried flowers, citrus peel, black tea. It can have a bit more intensity than Hallertau but with as much balance. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: Germany Alpha Acid: 3.8% Similar Varieties: Saaz, Crystal, Spalter Select, Hersbrucker Common Styles: German and Belgian styles


  • Tradition DE Pellets

    Tradition (DE) Pellets

    With both Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Saaz parentage, Tradition has the classic character of continental aroma hops, but with higher alpha acid contribution. It's a great hop for any lager or German style. Hop Type: Aroma Origin: Germany Alpha Acid: 5.5% Similar Varieties: Hallertau Mittelfrüh


  • Vanguard Hop Pellet

    Vanguard Hop Pellet

    This American bred hop offers a noble aroma that is ideal for all Lagers, Belgian Ales, and Wheats. Low bittering power lets the rich aroma of spicy, floral, and woodsy notes to sing in your brew. Alpha Acids:5 - 6 % Beta Acids: 5 - 7 % Total Oil: 0.8 - 1.2 mL/100g


  • Warrior US Pellets

    Warrior (US) Pellets

    Warrior is a high alpha acid bittering hop with low cohumulone content. It produces a strong bitterness that is nevertheless pleasant and smooth. Warrior is sometimes used to impart flavor and aroma, but its character in that regard is very mild. It's an excellent choice for establishing substantial baseline bitterness in IPAs, allowing hop character to be determined by later additions. Hop Type: Bittering Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 16.3% Similar Varieties: Columbus, Magnum Common Styles: IPA, Imperial IPA, American Ales


  • Willamette Hop Pellets

    Willamette Hop Pellets

    Mild and pleasant, with slightly spicy and floral tones. American-grown seedless version of Fuggle. Willamette hop is a ideal for brewing pale ale, ESB, bitter, English-style ale, porter, and stout. If a substitution is necessary, the following is recommended: U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger, and Styrian Golding. Typical Alpha Acid: (4.0% - 7.0)%


  • Zythos Hop Pellets

    Zythos Hop Pellets

    Zythos is a new "IPA style" hop blend created to optimize and exceed the aroma characteristics of the traditional, and sometimes hard to get, IPA hops. Hopunion had a team of professional hop sniffers blending combinations of hops. The interesting thing about blending hops is like blending wine - the blend actually ends up being different than the sum of the parts. Pretty cool. This is a perfect hop for West Coast style hoppy Pale Ales and IPA's. With that said we have seen, sniffed and tasted all kinds of traditional styles made with aggressive IPA hops. You are only limited by your creativity. Alpha Acids:9.2% Beta Acids:4.7 - 6.2 % Total Oil: 0.7 - 1.2 mL/100g



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