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  • Last stock! Food Grade Propylene Glycol 100% | One Gallon | CellarScience®

    Food Grade Propylene Glycol 100% | One Gallon | CellarScience®

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    Certified Food-Grade Propylene Glycol Inhibited Coolant 100% Concentrate for use in Glycol Cooling Systems in any Food Service application. Dilute with distilled water to the ratio specified in the instructions for your chiller. NSF Certified, food-grade inhibited propylene glycol fluid which is intended for use in antifreeze and heat transfer applications where contact with food may occur, such as wineries, micro-breweries, meatpackers, and other food-related industries.  Formulated with propylene glycol and an inhibitor system which is effective at preventing rust and corrosion in aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, solder and steel-containing systems.  Operating Range: -50°F to 325°F (-46°C to 163°C) Application: HVAC system freeze/burst/corrosion protection Immersion freezing Cooling liquid foods Packaging carbonated beverages Fermentation cooling Refrigeration coil defrosting Cold room dehumidifying Conveyor roller defrosting Process cooling Process heating Waste heat recovery PLEASE NOTE: While Propylene Glycol is considered food grade this is not meant to suggest that it is safe for consumption. Always test your heat exchangers with water to check for pinhole leaks. In case of consumption please contact your local Poison Control Center immediately.

    2 in stock



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