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  • Last stock! 3" Pass Through Shank for Jockey Box

    3" Pass Through Shank for Jockey Box

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    Beer shanks with coupling nut to attach faucet to one end, and beer thread (29/32 in 14 thread) nut and fittings to the other end. Chrome plated brass, 1/4 in bore. Typically used for mounting faucets through walls, refrigerators, cooler for jockey boxes, or other custom applications. Double threaded back shank for jockey boxes. Features 29/32 - 14 thread Beer Thread on either end, and a 5/16 in ID bore through the center.This is a Chrome Plated Brass unit.   Dimensions: 3" - Shank Length  3" - Thread Length 1-7/8" - Pass Through Length

    2 in stock



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