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  • 28" Stirring Paddle - Plastic

    28" Stirring Paddle - Plastic

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    This 28" Stirring Paddle is made of food grade plastic, so it can tolerate contact with boiling temperatures and fit into carboy necks. Crafted in Canada, this stirring paddle is ideal for your stirring needs.

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  • Fermentap Sparge Assembly

    Fermentap Sparge Assembly

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    The Fermentap Sparge Assembly is an adjustable sparging setup. It features a sturdy base that will accommodate a mash tun with up to a 20 inch diameter. Perfect for cooler systems. Includes the Fermentap Spray Wort Aerator which gently disperses your sparge water on top of your grain bed and has the ability to have the height of the sparge adjusted.

    5 en stock


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