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Hop Bittering

Hop Bittering

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  • Target GB Pellets

    Target (GB) Pellets

    Bred from Norther Brewer and English Golding stock, Target is an excellent bittering hop with a classic English character. While typically used for its high alpha percentage, this hop has gained some popularity for its aroma as well. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United Kingdom Alpha Acid: 10.8% Similar Varieties: Fuggle, Willamette


  • Zythos Hop Pellets

    Zythos Hop Pellets

    Zythos is a new "IPA style" hop blend created to optimize and exceed the aroma characteristics of the traditional, and sometimes hard to get, IPA hops. Hopunion had a team of professional hop sniffers blending combinations of hops. The interesting thing about blending hops is like blending wine - the blend actually ends up being different than the sum of the parts. Pretty cool. This is a perfect hop for West Coast style hoppy Pale Ales and IPA's. With that said we have seen, sniffed and tasted all kinds of traditional styles made with aggressive IPA hops. You are only limited by your creativity. Alpha Acids:9.2% Beta Acids:4.7 - 6.2 % Total Oil: 0.7 - 1.2 mL/100g


  • Perle DE Pellets

    Perle (DE) Pellets

    Bred at Hülll from English Northern Brewer stock, Perle became extremely popular with German growers and brewers after its release in 1978. Primarily an aroma hop, in an excellent year it can have high enough alpha content for use as bittering as well. Its combination of delicacy and brightness go well with the clean flavors of European lagers and cold-fermented ales, as well as the yeast character of many Belgian beers. Some brewers also find nontraditional use for its flavors in blends for pale ale and other hoppy warm-fermented styles. Its aroma is lively and sweet with harmonized suggestions of fresh mint and spice in the nose. On the palate, Perle shows a complex mix of floral and spice with mild to medium intensity. Hop Type: Aroma Origin: Germany Alpha Acid: 7.1 % Similar Varieties: Liberty, Northern Brewer, Cluster Common Styles: Continental Ales and Lagers


  • Super Alpha Dr. Hop Pellets

    Super Alpha Dr. Hop Pellets

    Super Alpha, despite its name, is a versatile, dual-purpose hop. Slight notes of fresh grass underlie a complex aroma of pine and lemongrass, making Super Alpha a desirable choice for late hop additions or dry hopping. When used for bittering, Super Alpha can deliver a very crisp, bitter edge to the back palate, and adds a slight resinous character. This interesting hop can be used in ales or lagers, and in both classic and new-world styles. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: New Zealand Alpha Acid: 13.2%


  • Sterling US Hop Pellets

    Sterling (US) Hop Pellets

    Similar to its Saaz parent, Sterling has an herbal aroma with floral and citrus notes. But its higher alpha acid content makes it suitable for dual-purpose applications in a wide variety of beer styles. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 12.3 Similar Varieties: Saaz, Lublin Common Styles: Czech Lagers, Belgian Ales, American Ales


  • Loral Hop Pellets

    Loral Hop Pellets

    Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2016, Loral™ Brand HBC 291 has a noble heritage that straddles the fence between old and new world hop aromatics. It has the ability to complement all beer styles, making it a very versatile hop in the brewery. Loral™ has been described as pleasant with floral, citrus, peppery and some dark fruit characteristics. Specific aroma descriptors include very pleasant, floral, peppery, lemon-citrus and dark fruit. Alpha Acids:12.9 % Beta Acids: 4.9 - 5.3 % Total Oil: 1.8 - 2.9 mL/100g


  • Horizon US Pellets

    Horizon (US) Pellets

    Horizon is an excellent bittering hop, not only for its high alpha percentage, but also low cohumulone content, which ensures a very smooth bitterness. The aromatic qualities are not to be overlooked - Horizon is a dual-purpose variety. It has a very desirable, delicate nose with floral and citrus notes. Horizon is widely used in craft breweries to brew a variety of styles. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 11.4% Similar Varieties: Magnum


  • Green Bullet Hop Pellets

    Green Bullet Hop Pellets

    Green Bullet is a high alpha variety that also has a pleasant aroma of lemon candy with subtle spice and grassy notes. Although many high-alpha varieties are used mostly in ales, Green Bullet performs equally well in lager styles. Hop Type: Bittering Origin: New Zealand Alpha Acid: 12.1%


  • Glacier US Pellets

    Glacier (US) Pellets

    Glacier is a mild, dual-purpose hop with a pleasant aroma and low cohumulone levels. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 5.1% Similar Varieties: Willamette, Fuggle Common Styles: Pale Ale, ESB, Porter, Stout


  • Galena US Hop Pellets

    Galena (US) Hop Pellets

    Galena was bred in 1968 from an open pollination of an unknown male with Brewers Gold. Released in 1978, it continues to enjoy success as a multipurpose high-alpha variety. Given its high alpha and crop yield, Galena is most often found as a classic bittering hop, in much the same vein as Nugget and its descendants. But it is sometimes employed as a finishing hop. It has a mild to moderate character, with a surprisingly pleasant tropical citrus quality. Galena can also have a slightly rustic edge which belies its Brewers Gold ancestry. Hop Type: Bittering Origin: United States Alpha Acid: 11.5% Similar Varieties: Columbus, Nugget, Cluster, Chinook Common Styles: American or English-style Ale, IPA


  • El Dorado™ US Pellets

    El Dorado™ (US) Pellets

    El Dorado is a unique, dual-purpose hop with exceptional aroma qualities and high alpha acid levels. A relatively new variety, its consistent performance eliciting fruity notes, especially tropical fruit flavors, has quickly made El Dorado popular for hop-forward styles or beers with complex flavor profiles. Tasting notes commonly specify aromas of watermelon, pear, candy, or stone fruit. There is often an undertone of citrus, and sometimes an identifiable fresh-cut-grass taste. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: Moxee, WA (US) Alpha Acid: 13.6% Similar Varieties: Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Rakau Common Styles: American Pale Ale, IPA


  • Ekuanot Hop Pellets

    Ekuanot Hop Pellets

    Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2014, Ekuanot™ Brand HBC 366 features pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content. This variety bursts out of the spring soil in vibrant yellow and gradually matures to a deep green color by fall harvest. Specific descriptors include melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, pine and fresh peppers. Alpha Acids:13 - 14.2 % Beta Acids: 4 - 5 % Total Oil: 2.5 - 4 mL/100g


  • Comet Hop Pellets

    Comet Hop Pellets

    Comet is a bittering hop. Originally used for its high alpha acid, today Comet is used for a variety of beers. Although Comet is listed as a bittering hop, it delivers strong aromas of grass, grapefruit, and "Wild American." Alpha Acids: 9.5 % Beta Acids: 4 - 5% Total Oils: 1.2 - 2 mL/100g


  • Challenger GB Pellets

    Challenger(GB) Pellets

    A signature variety of the English brewing tradition, Challenger is a granddaughter of Northern Brewer with some Northdown in its lineage as well. It was released in 1972 by Wye College. Although it has limited acres elsewhere, most of this hop s production remains in the UK. As a standalone hop or part of a blend, Challenger excels for boiler, hop back, and cask additions. Right at home in any English ale formulation, it has also found application in some west coast-style American IPAs. The flavor and aroma feature mild to moderately intense spice with elements of evergreen and ripe fruit. As a dry hop, Challenger adds a bright, grassy character. It blends well with earthy or floral varieties. Hop Type: Dual-Purpose Origin: United Kingdom Alpha Acid: 6.3% Similar Varieties: East Kent Goldings, Perle, Styrian Goldings Common Styles: British-style Ale and Lager


  • Bravo Hop Pellets

    Bravo Hop Pellets

    Developed by Hopsteiner Breeding Company and released in 2006, Bravo is a second generation super-alpha variety. It is an excellent bittering variety but showcases pleasant fruit and sweet floral aroma characteristics too. Specific aroma descriptors include orange, vanilla and floral. Alpha Acids: 14.7% Beta Acids: 3.5 - 5.5 % Total Oil: 2.3 - 3.5 mL/100g


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